A+ content

Customers discover and learn about your products from your product’s detail page. You can answer your customer's most common questions by providing relevant product details. These details may help drive more rapid purchase decisions and reduce the likelihood of having products returned.

This activity enables you to create rich content to tell your brand story on Amazon. Our focus is to make it easy to highlight your product's value proposition, brand story, and supplemental product information. A+ content is a valuable product marketing tool to help customers make informed buying decisions and improve their product research. This leads to delivering strong value through increased conversion, organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and unit sales.

When creating a task, please ensure you download a new template and fill out all required information to avoid delays in processing your request.

What does A+ content look like?

A+ content can assist with:

1. Potentially increasing conversion: Having enriched content can help convert customers who may be on the fence to purchasing

2. Telling your product/brand story: Connect customers with your brand’s history, values, and what makes your products unique

3. Encouraging repeat purchases: Provide customers with more information to help them make a more informed purchase decision

4. Address purchase barriers: Educate customers on your products to address their top concerns to avoid bad reviews and reduce returns

5. Drive traffic: Adding A+ content to your detail page can improve product discoverability through keywords and improved SEO

How to request A+ content:

Step 1
Download the task template and fill out the needed information. Please ensure you always download a new template each time you would like to submit a new request. Note that the new A+ Content request should only be submitted once the active one is completed.
Step 2
Email the completed template to a-content-creation@amazon.com
Step 3
The team will review and provide your AM the recommended A+ content. Your AM will communicate this to you. If you choose to apply these recommendations, you can upload in the A+ content dashboard, accessed from the Advertising tab, in Seller Central

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How many ASINs can I request A+ Content be created for?
    You can submit a maximum of 15 ASINs per request. Note that the new A+ Content request should only be submitted once the active one is completed.
    Is there a fee for creating content?
    No, we do not charge any fee for creating A+ content. If we implement a fee for new types of A+ content in the future, we will make an announcement in the A+ Content tool ahead of time so that you know about any change, and your existing content will not be impacted.
    Can a registered agent for a brand (i.e. – not the brand owner) submit an A+ content creation request?
    No, the request must come from the brand owner.
    How do I know if my brand is eligible for A+ Content creation?
    Navigate to https://brandregistry.amazon.com. Under Your Brands, you should see a list of the brands that you have registered. Brands that are enrolled in Brand Registry are eligible.
    Does the current product description remain on the ASIN after adding A+ content?
    No, the A+ content will hide the current plain-text product description. Ensure that your A+ content includes all the necessary details from the plain-text product description field if you feel they are needed. Even though the plain-text product description is not shown, it is still best practice to make sure that changes you make to the A+ content product description text are also reflected in that field as well in the Manage Your Inventory page.
    Can I publish my content to "From The Manufacturer" on the detail page?
    No, this section is reserved for A+ content from retail vendors. A+ content from sellers shows in the Product Description section of the detail page.
    What ASINs can I add A+ content to?
    You can publish A+ content to all ASINs that you own as a registered brand owner in Amazon Brand Registry and have an offer for. If the ASIN has A+ content contributed by an Amazon retail vendor, you will not be able to add or edit content.

    Seller Central upload troubleshooting

    I received an error message that an ASIN has a retail contribution. Why is that?
    This message means that the ASIN already has A+ content contributed by a retail vendor at Amazon. We are currently unable to give you access to add A+ content to these ASINs.
    I used to be able to upload and manage main-image-block videos from my A+ content page. Where did that feature go?
    A new experience has been created in Seller Central to upload and manage product videos. Upload and manage your product videos here.
    Does the entire template need to be filled with images and text?
    No, the templates represent the maximum amount of content you can upload. You can leave image or text boxes empty and still produce quality content. We do suggest that you include both images and text to achieve the desired result of providing the buyer with the most thorough content.
    Am I required to submit image keywords when I upload an image?
    Yes, you are required to submit image keywords, also known as alt-text, when uploading images. Image keywords should consist of a simple sentence describing the image (for example, Blender on kitchen counter next to fruit, yogurt, orange juice, and a smoothie glass.). Image keywords do not appear on the product detail page, but are available on screen reader applications used by customers with visual impairments to learn more about your products. They also help your product appear in search.
    Why am I getting an error that says “Remove the following keywords from your content before submitting”?
    All text entered in A+ content, including in text boxes, image keywords, and text embedded in images are subject to both automated and manual review and validation against a list of prohibited keywords and keywords that may be prohibited in certain contexts. When A+ content systems detect one or more prohibited keywords in your content, it will prevent you from submitting until the words are removed. Search your text boxes, image keywords, and text embedded in your images for these keywords used while uploading your product images. Remove the text and resubmit by clicking Preview > Submit.
    Do I need to know SKUs, or can I apply A+ to products at the ASIN-level?
    You previously needed to use SKU to publish A+ content to a product in Seller Central. Now, you can just use an ASIN.
    Should I edit the parent ASIN or child ASIN?
    You can apply A+ content to parent and/or child ASINs within an ASIN family, and across ASIN families. To apply A+ content to ASINs, after creating A+ content, add any ASIN from an ASIN family to the search box in the ASIN Management section to find all the ASINs in a family, then select the ASINs you want and click Apply content.
    My content is not showing on the detail page, what should I do?
    Look at your A+ content dashboard to ensure the content has already been reviewed. If the content status is rejected and the status is Not Approved, revise and resubmit your content. If the content is approved, check the applied ASINs. If your ASIN shows Error, click Details to see the error message. If your content is not available on the detail page even after 24 hours of your last activity (date and time) and the content status is Approved and the ASIN status shows Published, a technical error has likely occurred with the publishing process. This can often be resolved by resubmitting your content to re-drive the publishing process. If this does not help, please contact Amazon Seller Support to report the issue.
    Will my image size vary when I upload them?
    Your images will be resized to fit the maximum sizes listed next to each template box if they are too large. The images will not be resized if they are smaller than the template limits. You can crop and scale your images directly in the tool.
    After I submit my content, how long will it take to appear on the detail page?
    Your contribution will generally be approved or rejected with necessary revisions outlined in the rejection reason within 7 business days of submission into our systems, though review may take longer during peak periods. During this time, your submission will show as In Review in your A+ content dashboard. If approved, your submission will generally appear on the detail page within 24 hours after it is published.
    Can I edit or delete A+ content I submitted for an ASIN?
    Yes, you may make edits to the content in the A+ content page accessed from the Advertising tab in Seller Central. Search for the ASIN in the search box and, from the ASIN details page, click on the active A+ content. You can edit the content and resubmit for approval. The submission will go through the moderation process again, but your existing content will stay on the detail page of all applied ASINs until your new submission is approved. To delete content you have previously submitted from one or more applied ASINs, remove the ASINs from the Applied ASINs section of the A+ content detail page in Seller Central.
    Can I begin uploading my A+ content page and finish it later?
    Yes. Be sure to save your work as a draft before you exit the application, or your work will be lost.
    Can I use HTML on this tool?
    No, the tool does not allow for HTML content.
    What should I do if I see “reduce KB size” when I preview my content?
    The Seller Central system has a maximum size limitation for the content you submit. This is a system requirement that cannot be overridden, so it must be fixed before submitting. If you receive this error, then you likely need to reduce the file size of the images you attempted to upload or reduce the number of images added. All templates can have content added to every slot and still remain within the size limit if you adjust the image file size properly.
    Can I copy content from one ASIN to another?
    Yes, once your A+ content is approved, you can apply it to multiple ASINs and the content will be published on the detail pages of the applied ASINs. You can also duplicate the A+, make edits, and apply the new A+ to other ASINs.
    I’ve read the FAQs, but I still have questions. Who can I contact for more information?
    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your SAS Core account manager.