SAS Core

A+ Content Creation

A+ Content (formerly known as "Enhanced Brand Content," or EBC) takes the place of the Product Description allows sellers to explain product features, functionality, and benefits in greater detail. A+ Content allows sellers to provide Amazon customers their unique brand stories, enhanced images, and more detailed text placements. Adding A+ content to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.

Our goal in creating A+ Content on behalf of sellers is to help sellers more seamlessly incorporate this feature of a product detail page.


You must be the brand owner or be whitelisted for A+ Content creation.

How to request A+ Content creation

1. Download the A+ Content template

2. Fill in the required fields and send your template to

3. The A+ Content creation team will prioritize your request and notify you once they have added a draft of the content to Seller Central

4. You will review the content in Seller Central and if it is acceptable, give us approval to publish it

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many ASINS can I submit for A+ Content creation?
    There are currently no restrictions to the number of requests you can make. Please keep in mind that the time to create content will vary based on the number of ASINs submitted. We recommend that sellers focus on their best-selling ASINs.
    Can a registered agent for a brand (i.e. – not the brand owner) submit an A+ Content creation request?
    No, the request must come from the brand owner.
    How do I know if my brand is eligible for A+ Content creation?
    Navigate to Under Your Brands, you should see a list of the brands that you have registered. Brands that are enrolled in Brand Registry are eligible.
    I’ve read the FAQs, but I still have questions. Who can I contact for more information?
    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to to for additional information. To ensure you receive a response make sure to list your email address in the body the request email.