Browse Node Update

Browse nodes are a hierarchical structure of navigation points which help our customers to accurately locate a product on The browse node structure organizes items into collections. They are called browse nodes because customers can visit the nodes to browse through the collection and find items that interest them.

Updating a browse node can improve the visibility of the product by refining the location in the collection, and increasing the chances of customers seeing a specific catalog selection. This results in a better browsing experience for our customers.

When creating a task, please ensure you download a new template and fill out all required information to avoid delays in processing your request.

How do browse node updates work?

The lowest point of a browse node is the leaf node.

A leaf node represents an end product, and most customer search results will display as products in the leaf node.

This activity assigns ASINs to leaf nodes to improve an ASINs visibility.

How to request a browse node update:

Step 1
Download the task template and fill out the needed information. Please ensure you always download a new template each time you would like to submit a new request.
Step 2
Email the completed template to
Step 3
The team will review, identify optimal browse nodes, update browse nodes, and communicate updates to your Account Manager who will share them with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can we assign multiple browse nodes to the ASIN?
    Generally, an ASIN should be assigned only in one correct category browse node. There are exceptional cases when more than just one category browse node is correct. In such cases, an ASIN can be assigned in more correct category browse nodes, if they are equally suitable. An example would be a gaming headset compatible with more than just one platform or console.
    I see that there are similar ASINs that show they are assigned to a different browse node. Why is this ASIN not assigned the same browse node?
    The browse node that has been recommended by our team is the correct browse node. There are several ASINs that are misclassified that will be reviewed by the Browse Classification Team and use various programs to eliminate misclassification.
    I’ve read the FAQs, but I still have questions. Who can I contact for more information?
    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your SAS Core account manager.