How can Amazon help your business?

SAS Self-Service Tasks

Please note that Self-Service Tasks are only available for sellers enrolled in our Strategic Account Services Programs. If you are not a member, you can review more about Strategic Account Services here.

A+ content
A+ content takes the place of the product description allows sellers to explain product features, functionality, and benefits in greater detail. This allows sellers to provide Amazon customers their unique brand stories.
Browse node update
Updating a browse node can improve the visibility of the product by refining category classification, and increasing the chances of customers seeing a specific catalog selection.
Customer returns analysis
Amazon captures a reason code for each product a customer returns, which can be used to learn about complaints and make improvements. This analysis initiates an investigation of frequently returned products. Only available on FBA inventories.
Detail page optimization
Customers learn about your products on the detail page. Complete and accurate product detail pages can increase your visibility with customers and improve sales.
Having these identical listings can potentially confuse customers who are searching for a specific item. To prevent these issues, duplicate listings should be merged, creating one single ASIN per product, with multiple offers on that ASIN.
Catalog Attribute Update
Catalog Attribute updates help you improve your detail page by recommending potential improvements. This process supports existing listings in your catalog that require attribute updates in bulk.
New item set up
There are numerous issues that may arise when trying to create a new listing. Setting up a new ASIN requires sufficient item information before they can be visible on site and bought by customers. This task helps complete the New Item Set Up (NIS) process.
New selection opportunity
By providing customers with a wide selection they are able to discover and purchase what they need. This task evaluates potential new selection opportunities to your catalog and give customers a wider variety of products.
Variations help customers easily review your catalog's offerings. The variations activity helps you update, maintain and create variations for your detail pages.