What's included in SAS Core?

The Strategic Account Services Core (SAS Core) team is ready to help sellers grow their businesses on Amazon. Read below to learn more about what is included in our program or click below to watch our webinar:
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Account Manager

Designated Account Manager

You'll receive personalized feedback and recommendations from your account manager and get connected to other teams inside Amazon that can help you grow your business.
    Monthly 1:1 calls: Your monthly call will be a monthly business review for your store on Amazon. You'll review sales, traffic, conversions, promotions, Sponsored Products performance, and more.
    Amazon point of contact: You may contact your account manager throughout the month to assist with items or actions that are critical to your business's success. Account managers work normal business hours, Monday - Friday and work to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.
    Conduit to other Amazon teams: Your account manager will help connect you to other Amazon teams that can help grow your business and address issues affecting your account. Examples include Brand Registry, FBA, Retail Category Management, Advertising, and more.
Business Advice

Strategic Business Advice

We will identify key strategic areas of improvement and create a business plan with specific tasks and timelines to help achieve your goals. Primary areas of focus include business plan analysis, account health, fulfillment and inventory, selection and conversion growth, merchandising and advertising, and global expansion.
    Business plan analysis: Your account manager will review your business plan each month to help pinpoint areas within your account that can be improved and/or scaled to help grow your business. Your account manager will help you prioritize where to focus next to help optimize your performance.
    Fulfillment options and inventory health: You'll review your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) report with your account manager to help optimize your product selection on Amazon. You'll work to understand and implement the shipment options such as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP). You'll stay informed on Prime programs that may affect your business such as the Small and Light program.
    Selection optimization and increased conversion: Your account manager will review your selection and make suggestions on additions and/or changes that may help you grow. Your account manager will work with you on your product detail pages to identify updates that may increase your products' conversion. You'll receive selection reports from category management that will help you better understand the category's performance and trends on Amazon.
    Promotions, merchandising and advertising advice: You'll receive suggestions from your account manager on the promotions and placements in which you can participate. Your account manager can help you access Lightning Deals as well as submit qualifying ASINs to merchandising events and Deals of the Day. Additionally, your account manager can help you set up Headline Search campaigns and can work with you on social influence programs that can help grow your brand.
    Global expansion assistance: If/when your business is ready, your account manager can help connect you with international teams that can assist with global expansion including listings set up, translation, and selection decisions.
Operational Execution

Operational Execution

Get help with time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on growing your business. This includes the creation of A+ Content, Detail Page Optimization, and Catalog Optimization.
    Create listing content: Your account manager can assist you by helping create proposed content for new listings in Amazon's stores. You will be responsible for final edits/sign-off and uploading the content via Seller Central.
    Optimize existing listings: To help your existing listings realize more traffic, your account manager can help you create A+ Content (brand owners, only), make recommendations to optimize your detail pages (titles, bullets, etc.) and suggest updates to brand logos and bylines. You will be responsible for final edits/sign-off and uploading the content via Seller Central.
    Promotion set-up: You can work with your account manager to assist you in submitting Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day.
    Troubleshoot promotions: Your account manager and team will actively monitor your deals to help ensure that all runs smoothly for the duration of the deal.
Programs and Pilots

Access Programs, Pilots, Betas and Advanced Coaching

Amazon is always evolving and your account manager and team are here to help keep you competitive.
    Amazon program enrollment: Work with your account manager to enroll your business in key Amazon programs such as Brand Registry and more.
    Introduction to new programs: As new programs are introduced, your account manager will help you to stay informed and provide strategic advice on what programs make the most sense for your business.
    Advanced coaching on key topics: Your account manager will help you better understand key topics that affect your business such as trade compliance, product safety, avoiding suppressed listings, using advertising to help grow your business, and many more.
    Access to pilots & betas: You'll have access to Amazon pilots & betas where you can help Amazon refine programs for consumers and sellers and gain early access to programs that can help increase traffic to your store.

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