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Elena Castaneda, CEO, Bling Jewelry

From: New York City, USA
Sells in: North America and Europe, Japan, China

"I started in my one bedroom apartment with a credit card. I had no backing, nothing."

"We were able to double our sales selling internationally."

—Elena Castaneda, CEO, Bling Jewelry

Carolina and Pablo, Cofounders, Hot Chocolate Design

From: Caracas, Venezuela, based in Mexico City, Mexico
Sells in: North America and Europe, Japan

"We used service providers to help us with taxes and location [in Japan and Europe]."


Praew Khrutnok, Owner, Lanna Clothes Design

From: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sells in: US

"Within 10 months of enrolling, our sales on Amazon made up 85% of total sales...My life has changed. My mom and my sister have full-time jobs working with me."

Zamir Cajee, CEO, iQualTech

From: United Kingdom
Sells in: Europe, US, India

"It's a no-brainer. [Amazon] is where you introduce your product to new customers."

Jia Li Yang, CEO, Bluedio

From: Shenzhen, China
Sells in: US, Canada, Europe, Japan

"[Previously,] we mostly focused on manufacturing [for other sellers]. in 2013, we began selling internationally directly to customers ourselves on Amazon."

Manish Jain, CEO, Herbs & Crops

From: Ahmedabad, India
Sells in: US, plans to expand to UK and Japan

"[My sales picked up on during the major sales period over Black Friday and Cyber Monday]."

HyunJae Jo, Cofounder, Misemet

From: Seoul, South Korea
Sells in: US

"The [Korean beauty category] has been continuing to grow on Amazon...we now sell 60 brands and over 2,000 products."

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