We’ve got great news

Amazon has kicked off the process for you with Global Expansion Opportunities.

What is Global Expansion Opportunities?

Global Expansion Opportunities (GEO) is a Seller Central tool that provides guidance on which of your products have high sales potential if sold in other marketplaces. It leverages Amazon’s visibility into other marketplaces and identifies your products based on factors such as product type, brand, reviews, and sales of existing or similar products. Your list of product opportunities is ranked by highest demand potential.

Take the guesswork out of identifying top products


Leverage Amazon’s advanced, dynamic algorithms


Get your personalized list of recommendations

If our model has not determined that your products are likely to succeed in another marketplace, your products will not appear in GEO. Note that our model may not have enough information at that time to determine if a given product is likely to succeed, so you should always check back regularly to see if more products have been added to your list.

As of 2018, Global Expansion Opportunities is only able to provide recommendations to .com sellers on which of their .com products to sell in Europe.

How to get started

Your Global Expansion Opportunities will be located to the right of your Sell Globally Dashboard in Seller Central.

These are your products that have been identified as potential top sellers in European marketplaces.
Your full list of identified products, ranked highest to lowest by demand potential, can be found by clicking See all opportunities.
Or by clicking the Expansion Opportunities tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
You can also access your Global Expansion Opportunities at any time by bookmarking amazon.com/geo.

Steps for listing a product in a new marketplace

Step 1

Register for a new European account or link your .com account to an existing European account.

Step 2

Fill in the offer details section on the destination marketplace’s offer listing page.

Step 3

Wait for your product to appear in the Listed tab.* You will also see general advice on how to generate sales in your new marketplace.

*Your new listings will appear in the In progress tab on the Global Expansion Opportunities page and can take between 15 minutes and four hours to appear in the Listed tab.