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Why sell in Japan?

Be part of the world’s third-largest economy¹

You don’t have to speak Japanese

Japan has a population of 127 million,² and, according to Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, 71% of Japanese shoppers make purchases online.³ This makes Japan a perfect marketplace to grow your business.
Amazon offers many language support options for managing your sales, customer service, and translations. Your ASINs may even already exist on, which will allow you to launch even faster.

Let Amazon handle the logistics

Diversify your revenue stream

Online shoppers in Japan are accustomed to fast, convenient delivery. Amazon’s state-of-the-art logistics and powerful tools can help you meet those expectations. When you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon handles customers’ shipping- and returns-related questions in Japanese, so you can focus on growing your business.
Diversify your cash flow by bringing your products to a large, new marketplace and take advantage of Japan’s holiday seasons and peak sales periods.

Learn how one seller successfully expanded to Japan

That kind of diversification, that kind of second chance that every product gets by launching in the Japanese market is really valuable.

Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies

The road to selling in Japan

1. Decide what to sell
2. List your products
3. Ship and fulfill
4. Manage your business

Already selling on Amazon?
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¹ International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database, April 2016 | ² Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, State of World Population 2017 | ³ Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Usage Status of Internet Shopping 2016
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