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What's BIL?

The Build International Listings tool (BIL) helps you sell globally by adding offers and synchronizing pricing across multiple marketplaces. BIL enables you to add numerous offers to additional marketplaces quickly. Then, based on rules you set, BIL manages pricing offers across marketplaces for you through automated updates.

With BIL, you can:
Add offers in new marketplaces quickly
Manage prices across marketplaces automatically
Customize which offers to add
BIL enables you to get started selling in a new marketplace quickly by adding multiple offers to new marketplaces based on offers that you already sell.
BIL saves you time by automating pricing your offers across marketplaces by using pricing rules that you set.
BIL gives you complete control and flexibility regarding which offers are synced, enabling you to disconnect or exclude particular offers.
Please note: BIL does not create new product listings (ASINs). It adds offers if the product listing already exists in the new marketplace. If it doesn’t exist yet, the offer will not be added. BIL also does not manage inventory. You must make inventory available for that marketplace in order to make the offer buyable.

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New BIL features

You spoke, we listened Based on seller demand, we’ve made several major improvements to the Build International Listings (BIL) tool, making listing your offers globally faster and easier than before. Now you can:
Pick and choose the offers that you want to replicate
Group your products, then set customized pricing rules for each group
BIL gives you complete control and flexibility regarding which offers are synced, enabling you to disconnect or exclude particular offers.
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New Feature Details

BIL Dashboard

The BIL dashboard makes replicating and managing offers across multiple marketplaces simpler, showing you what’s required and solutions to make your offers buyable. The dashboard helps you manage your offers globally in one place, make your offers buyable more quickly, and replicate additional offers when you’re ready.

How does it work?

The new BIL dashboard is where you can see the status of all your offers. Once you’ve linked your source and target marketplaces, the BIL dashboard shows you:
  • Which offers are active in the target marketplace
  • Which offers need your attention in order to make them buyable in the target marketplace
  • Which offers cannot be sold in the target marketplace because they are prohibited
For offers requiring additional steps, the BIL dashboard tells you why they aren’t buyable yet and shows you what is required and solutions to make the offers buyable.

SKU Price Rule

What's New?

Before, connecting your source and target marketplaces required you to apply the same pricing rule across your entire FBA or MFN catalog. Now you can apply different pricing rules to specific SKU groups, giving you more control and flexibility over your prices in different marketplaces.
How do I do it?

When selecting offers in step 2 of the workflow, just list the specific offers you want to replicate.

Which marketplaces can I use BIL in?

BIL currently syncs across three regions—North America, Europe, and Japan—featuring nine marketplaces.
North America
Watch our in-depth video about how to use BIL to quickly add offers and manage prices across Amazon marketplaces
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