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"We save a lot of money thanks to FBA, and the more money we can save for ourselves and our customers, the more successful our company will be."

Penny Jin
International e-Commerce Manager for Doublju
"Amazon's fulfillment service also handles a lot of our customer service, which alleviates a lot of the customer e-mails that we got previously."

Ren Wu
Owner of Bundle Monster
"Shipping through Amazon really gave me my freedom back. Now I just send my inventory to Amazon and let the warehouse manage the rest. I only need to work in front of the computer for a few hours a week, where it used to be 60 hours a week."

Kathy Wojtczak
Owner of Element Jewelry
"When you're on your own, there are always catastrophes that can happen. With Amazon, small businesses can find peace of mind regarding these kinds of calamities. And we're selling more than ever."

Owner of Cirdan