Understand your customers with Voice of the Customer

Understand the Customer Experience (CX) Health of your offers with the Voice of the Customer dashboard (sign-in required). Review comprehensive customer feedback for each offer to understand if there are product or listing issues affecting customers. Use this feedback to optimize your listings and ensure products are labeled correctly, packaged optimally, and working as advertised. Your offer’s CX Health changes over time as Amazon receives additional customer feedback.

Here are just some of the benefits

Review Customer Experience (CX) Health
Understand how each of your offers is performing relative to similar products in terms of customer experience.
Understand your customers
Read recent comments and identify common product or listing issues affecting customers.
Improve products and listings
Take action to address product issues identified through customer feedback and optimize your listings

Why CX Health is important

Customers contact Amazon in a variety of ways to report issues with either the products they’ve ordered or the corresponding listing. This customer feedback is the canary in the coal mine, alerting us that there may be a problem with a product or listing. Some common issues include mislabeled products, damaged or defective inventory, and detail pages that have incorrect or missing information.

Improving your CX Health

The best way to improve your offer’s CX Health is to review customer comments to understand if there are systemic issues affecting multiple customers and take action to address those issues. These actions might include submitting a removal order for inventory or updating your detail page.

The Voice of the Customer dashboard can help you optimize your products and listings on Amazon. Tell us what you think by clicking the feedback button at the bottom of the dashboard.
If you have questions, contact us at voiceofthecustomer@amazon.com