Reduce fulfillment costs with FBA Small and Light

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Offer free shipping to all customers

If you sell fast-moving, small and light products that are generally priced under $10, FBA's Small and Light program offers lower fulfillment costs. Throughout the U.S., Prime customers receive FREE Standard Shipping (4-5 business days), and non-Prime customers continue to get FREE shipping (6-8 business days) with no minimum order requirement.

Use our new Self-Service Registration page to enroll your products and make use of our new rates (sign-in required).

Offers enrolled in the Small and Light program are now Prime-eligible. Prime customers will automatically qualify for FREE Standard Shipping (4-5 business days). Non-Prime customers will continue to get FREE shipping (6-8 business days) without a minimum cart threshold.
No minimum order threshold
FBA Small and Light products are eligible for FREE shipping to all customers without a minimum purchase requirement. This means your products in the program are not subject to the add-on threshold of $25 for Prime customers and $49 for non-Prime customers.
Gain instant customer trust
Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee puts your customers at ease. They know us and trust us and that trust extends to you.
Improve margins
Reducing fulfillment costs on small and light products helps you maintain tight margins.

How it works

We've made it easier than ever for sellers to stay competitive on low-priced products. More items are now eligible for the program, and the "Free Shipping" message is more prominently displayed in search and detail views. Our new Self-Service Registration page makes product enrollment quick and easy.

1. Register for FBA.

If you already have a Selling on Amazon account, add FBA to your account. If you don't have a Selling on Amazon account, get started today.

2. Select items.

Create new offers for your products or choose to convert your existing self-fulfilled MSKUs into the Small and Light program. Ensure that you have entered the dimensions and weights for each of your products.

3. Enroll in program.

Submit products that are priced under $10, smaller than 16x9x4 inches and less than 1 pound for enrollment into Small and Light. For additional help, see our Enrollment Guide.

4. Ship to IVSA.

Prep and ship successfully enrolled MKSUs to the specified Amazon fulfillment center (IVSA). We recommend sending in enough units to provide 60 days of inventory coverage. A minimum quantity of 30 units per product is required for inbounding.

5. Stay stocked.

Maintain your inventory to avoid lost sales. Enable Replenishment Alerts for your products to receive notifications before you go out of stock.