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Diversify your line

There’s no one right path to innovation. Start by researching several ideas and avenues, then narrow them down.
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Cross-sell to customers with new color varieties, seasonal collections, or matching accessories.
Enhance an existing product’s features based on industry trends and customer feedback.
Whether it’s future-forward tech or eco-alternatives, blazing a trail gets you noticed.

Start with your ideal customer

Great products are customer and data centric. Gather a small focus group, learn about everyone’s interests and dislikes, then zero in on opportunities that set your business apart.

Be smart about sourcing

Sourcing is about more than just margins. It’s also a way to appeal to conscientious shoppers. Look for suppliers who align with your customers’ values and can scale with your business.

Showcase your strengths

You’ve got a great product—now it’s time to show it off. Video is one of the quickest ways to inspire shoppers: Share your brand story, show a tutorial, or dive into product details.

Get the word out

Drive traffic to your store and grow your fan base by staying active on social media like Instagram and Pinterest.

“If your design is good, if your quality is good, if you have character, it will take off.”

Alfred Chow, PattyBoutik

Ship. Stock. Sell.

Check out some starter tips to help you build a testing plan, optimize inventory levels, and prep products to sell.


Do a small test run (for example, five units), then ramp up as demand grows.


Always price competitively with easy automation and featured deals.


Calculate your next move with custom restock recommendations.


Boost product rankings with customer reviews before and after launch.

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