Healthy inventory starts here

Get your inventory on track

Healthy inventory is the backbone of a thriving FBA business. With our tools as your guide, you can stock more top-selling products, boost sales, and keep your inventory moving. Our performance metrics respond to how well you balance your inventory levels and sales regularly.

Navigating the journey

From deciding what to sell to creating a shipping plan, we’ve laid out the top factors for staying healthy.

Chart your course

Your sales forecast sets you on the right path. Plan around peak sales times, budget costs, and get ahead of emerging product trends.

Prep for the conditions

Take note of key dates, storage space, and changing demand to make sure you ship the right amount, at the right time—every time.

Balance your levels

Restock popular products often, review our suggestions for clearing overstocked or aging inventory, and spot any potential roadblocks before it’s too late.

Drive discovery

Capture interest with crisp photos and clear product information—regular special offers and discounts can help turn a passerby into a loyal customer.

Start strong

Amazon customers love getting their orders fast. With Amazon Prime Free One-Day Shipping, we’ve increased delivery speed and convenience. Maintain 4 to 8 weeks of inventory coverage on your eligible products to boost your chances of offering One-Day delivery.

Take charge of your inventory

With your active input, these powerful tools can help guide your inventory management.

Measure your performance

Track key dates, sell-through rate, and top influencing factors to get your inventory performance on track.

Tools and tutorials

Get to know our seller platform, explore new features, and start streamlining with automated pricing and removals.

Seasonal selling

During the selling season, orders can roll in fast. Plan ahead, ship smarter, and expand your customer reach before your next big event.

Get set to raise your metrics

View a step-by-step breakdown of our top inventory tools and features.