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Excess inventory tools & resources

General management
Manage Excess Inventory ›
Gives you detailed information about storage fees, including three-year projections of fees and holding costs you may incur on your inventory. Suggests actions that could help you improve inventory performance.

Advertise on Amazon ›
An easy way to promote your listings. Ads appear right where customers will see them, such as the first page of search results or product detail pages. You place bids on relevant keywords, and if your bid wins and your ad matches the search, your ad gets displayed to shoppers.
Monitoring & measuring
Excess Inventory Report ›
Provides a current snapshot of data from the Manage Excess Inventory page. Helps you quickly identify listings that may have excess inventory and details recommended action including suggested sale price and removal quantities.
Guides & recommendations
Recommended Removal Report ›
Automatically calculates on an ASIN-by-ASIN basis the number of items you need to remove (assuming no further sales) to avoid a long-term storage fee. It also pre-populates a removal order request for those items.

Inventory age tools & resources

General management
FBA Inventory Age tool ›
Understand how much inventory you are holding and how long it has been in the fulfillment centers. View SKUs that have low traffic or low conversion and take action to increase sales.
Monitoring & measuring
Inventory Age Report ›
Quickly identify how long items in your inventory have been in fulfillment centers and which items are subject to upcoming long-term storage fees (LTSF). This report also provides details about sales and recommendations to improve sell-through.
Guides & recommendations
Automate Pricing ›
Set automated pricing rules to markdown products when sales slow below a set limit.

Automated Removals to Avoid LTSF ›
Opt-in to automatically track inventory age and remove products before LTSF are incurred.

Stranded inventory tools & resources

General management
Fix Stranded Inventory tool ›
Check if your Stranded inventory percentage is greater than zero. You can use the tools on the Fix Stranded Inventory page to resolve your issues that result in stranded inventory.

Fixing stranded inventory ›
Stranded inventory refers to FBA inventory in fulfillment centers that do not have an associated active offer and, as a result, are not available for purchase by customers on Amazon. Learn more about how to resolve stranded inventory issues.
Monitoring & measuring
Stranded Inventory Report ›
Periodically check to see if you have stranded inventory and follow the recommended actions to avoid losing sales. For additional information, see the Stranded Inventory report.
Guides & recommendations
Fix a "no listing" error ›
Identify the cause of inventory not being listed. When used with the Fix Stranded Inventory tool or report, can be a helpful way to troubleshoot stranded inventories, identifying causes and resolutions.

Bulk fix stranded inventory ›
Allows you to generate a stranded inventory file, update listing information, and then relist your products in bulk.

In-stock inventory tools & resources

General management
Restock inventory tool ›
Stock your best-selling products at the right levels with the Restock Inventory tool. The tool recommends order dates that affect your lead times and order quantities based on your order constraints. It can also adjust for past sales and seasonal demand patterns.
Monitoring & measuring
Restock Inventory Report ›
Provides a place where you can submit and track supplier lead times for your products
Guides & recommendations
Inventory Product Settings ›
Use this tool to provide product level inputs like supplier lead time and minimum order quantities in bulk at a SKU level. Adding this information informs the Restock and other inventory recommendations.