Keep the holiday momentum rolling with advertising on Amazon

Your selling season doesn't end with the holidays. Advertising is the perfect way to take advantage of the post-holiday sales rush. Create a Sponsored Products campaign or add to your existing campaigns to start the new year strong with more traffic, visibility, and brand recognition.

Reach eager shoppers with Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products ads appear in highly visible places across Amazon, so you can reach millions of post-holiday shoppers who are:
Searching for bargains on both seasonal and non-seasonal products
Looking for items to buy with Amazon gift cards they received as presents
Browsing and buying for themselves, after buying presents for everyone else

Reduce inventory, lower your fees

If you have leftover holiday inventory, Sponsored Products can help move it quickly. Sell your seasonal overstock with Sponsored Products to save on storage fees and make room for all your 2018 products.

Sell more with Lightning Deals

Combine Sponsored Products with a Lightning Deals flash sale to quickly sell your overstocked items.

Highlight your brand with
Headline Search Ads

Move even more holiday inventory and expand your brand’s audience with Headline Search Ads in Seller Central. Available to Sponsored Products advertisers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, Headline Search Ads appear at the top of Amazon search results, feature multiple listings alongside your brand logo, and allow you to customize the headline.

Easily optimize your ads

Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads give you lots of control to optimize your ads and target post-holiday shoppers.
  • Download your latest advertising reports to view ad performance and ensure your campaigns are on target.
  • Refine your keyword strategy by increasing bids on high-performing terms, removing low-performing keywords, and testing different keyword match types.
  • Run your campaigns with no end date so that your products stay top of mind in the new year.