Stand out from the crowd

In an ever-more-competitive retail environment, it’s important to use every tool at your disposal to target customers who want to buy what you’re selling. With Prime shipping and Sponsored Products, you have what you need to rise above the crowd.
Ensuring your product rises above the crowd and makes it into a customer’s cart can be a challenge. Between the website and the mobile app, averages over a million search queries per second*—just imagine how many purchases there are in a single day!

Amazon has created a global, virtual mall that sells just about everything: from calendars to teapots, hot water heaters to ice cube trays. As Amazon continues to expand the number of sellers and products offered, the mall gets more crowded.

The digital billboard

You have taken the first step toward helping your product stand out by offering Prime shipping. If you are looking for that digital billboard to get your products even more visibility, Sponsored Products can help.

Sponsored Products helps customers discover you. When you use Sponsored Products, your product can be featured in multiple places on, such as search results, desktop-browse results, and detail pages. Because your product is more visible, it’s more likely to end up in your customer’s cart.

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Sponsored Products helps you:

Introduce new products.

Help shoppers discover your new products by having them featured in multiple ad placements on Amazon.

Optimize your advertising dollar.

Instantly adjust your campaign budget and targeting based on ad performance.

Launch unique or seasonal merchandise.

With flexible campaign targeting and the ability to fine-tune your budget, you can reach customers when they’re most likely to be searching for what you sell.