Four tips to meet FBA inventory requirements

Protect your profitability this holiday season by reducing inbounding defects.

When shipping to Amazon, meeting FBA inventory requirements reduces product defects, eliminates unplanned fees, and avoids temporary suspension of your shipping privileges.

To prevent the most common inbound defects and ensure your products become available for sale as quickly as possible, follow these best practices:

Label inventory correctly

In addition to avoiding unplanned labeling fees, complying with FBA Product Barcode Requirements ensures that your products are received efficiently in our fulfillment centers and will get to your buyers quickly.

Prepare inventory carefully

Learn how to avoid unplanned prep fees by meeting FBA Prep Requirements. When you prepare inventory carefully, you ensure that your products are processed efficiently at fulfillment centers, are made available for sale as quickly as possible, and reach your customers in perfect condition.

Meet all safety requirements

Be sure to comply with all FBA Shipment Safety Requirements (including item weight, size, and pallet standards) to avoid additional charges or even suspension of your shipping privileges.

Ensure shipping information is accurate

Familiarize yourself with FBA Box Content Information policies, so our fulfillment centers can quickly process your products and so you can avoid additional fees. Also, learn how to change box content information before finalizing your shipping charges.