Boost your FBA business with the new Inventory Performance Index

We're excited to announce a new metric to help you boost your FBA business, the Inventory Performance Index. The new metric aggregates data from your sales, inventory, and costs to measure the overall growth and efficiency of your FBA business. The higher your score, the better your performance.

On the Inventory Performance Dashboard, we provide you with 3 specific steps to increase your score:

Restock recommendations to increase your in-stock rate

Excess Inventory suggestions to reduce your storage fees and carrying costs 

 Stranded Inventory actions to ensure your inventory is available for purchase

Below is a sample of what the metric display looks like in Seller Central:
Inventory Performance Index Example

We hope you find this new metric helpful as you run your FBA business. We invite you to leave us feedback. Just click the feedback button at the bottom of the Inventory Performance Dashboard.