Promote your brand 
with Headline Search Ads and Amazon Stores

Amazon now offers two more ways to promote your brand, just in time for the holidays: Headline Search Ads and Amazon Stores. Like Sponsored Products—covered previously in Grow—Headline Search Ads and Amazon Stores help you grow brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and promote products.

By developing a promotional campaign that combines Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, and Amazon Stores, you can reach the greatest number of shoppers and gain a competitive edge during the biggest sales season of the year!

Did you know Sponsored Products is available internationally?

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Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads (sign-in required) is a high-impact advertising option designed to build brand recognition and help you sell more. Open to professional sellers who are enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, Headline Search Ads are placed prominently above search results on Amazon. This placement increases the chances your products will be seen by holiday shoppers, and it can help you drive traffic to your listings.

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Headline Search Ads feature a design you customize with a headline, your logo, and three products you offer. Like Sponsored Products, these search term-targeted ads work on a cost-per-click pricing model, meaning you pay only when your ad is clicked.

Headline Search Ads send shoppers to your product detail page or to your Amazon Store.

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Amazon Stores

Tell your brand story by creating a shopping experience that helps customers discover the full range of your products with Amazon Stores. They’re completely free and offer pre-built layouts that brand owners can use to easily build a multipage store on Amazon. Dynamic widgets allow you to feature different products such as best sellers or recommended products for the individual shopper, or you can handpick an assortment to showcase holiday gifts.

You can use your Amazon Store as the landing page for your Headline Search Ads. You also get a unique Amazon URL that you can use when promoting your brand through social media, email, external ads, and other channels.

By keeping your brand top of mind, you make it more likely that shoppers will consider you a go-to brand for many of their purchases during the holiday season and beyond.

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