Grow your holiday sales with Sponsored Products

Here are three ways to use Sponsored Products before the Q4 shopping rush:

Create customized advertising campaigns

Sponsored Products ad placements across—including on search results, desktop-browser results, and detail pages—ensure more customers will see your products right where they're shopping. Use an automatic targeting campaign to let Amazon match your products to shopper searches and behavior. An advertising campaign before the holiday rush lets you quickly and easily determine what's connecting with customers. Then you can fine-tune your ads and plan your inventory.
Find even more customers
Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry are eligible to advertise with the new Headline Search Ads. These ads appear at the top of search results and take shoppers to a curated landing page or Amazon Store to help drive brand discovery. Learn more in Campaign Manager (sign-in required).

Expose your products to new customers

With more than a million searches per second, there's no shortage of Amazon customers who've never bought from you before. That number will only grow as Q4 approaches and customers start their holiday shopping. Sponsored Products is the simplest way to expose your products to new customers. Drive sales of your FBA products in all the marketplaces you sell in: Sponsored Products lets you advertise worldwide.
Keep new customers coming back
Have you set up your Amazon Store yet? Showcase your brand and products with a unique, customizable shopping experience that can help drive customer loyalty and increase sales. Launch your Amazon Store today by visiting the Storefront tab on Seller Central (sign-in required).

Focus on the right products

The Search Term report shows you exactly what customers are looking for. It contains search terms that generated at least one click on your ad. Use this insight to identify high-performing search terms so that you can increase your bids for potentially even more clicks. Also, add low performers as negative keywords so that your ad doesn't display when customers search for those specific terms. Knowing which products get clicks can also help you plan your inventory for the holiday peak.
Become a Sponsored Products expert
Build your advertising knowledge by watching Sponsored Products videos in Seller University (sign-in required). Each video is a quick and easy lesson on how to make your advertising campaigns succeed.