Understand your customer's journey

Understanding how customers make buying decisions can help you boost the impact of your marketing budget.

What is the customer journey?

How much do you know about how your customers make the transition from finding out about your product, to buying it, and then recommending it to others?

To better understand buyer behavior, marketers have identified key stages that illustrate how buyers make decisions. This customer journey is typically described as a five-stage roadmap with a clear start and finish:
Understanding the customer journey can help you target customers more effectively. For example, if your product is new, consider spending your marketing dollars on building awareness. If your customer has purchased a product from you several times before, you have reached the retention stage. If that is the case, consider focusing your marketing dollars on turning customers into advocates.

From a linear journey to a circular one

With the rise of the smartphone, buying behavior has changed from a linear journey to a circular journey. Customers have everything they need to research, compare, purchase, and review products at their fingertips. The journey happens fluidly and instantly, going from awareness to purchase in just a few clicks.

Access to research and comparison tools have challenged product and brand loyalty. Because customers have so much information at their disposal, they are more likely to actively search out new products instead of buying the same product again and again. Because these challenges make it harder to retain customers, building awareness has never been more critical to marketing success.

Build awareness

How do you help customers discover your product for the first time? Gaining exposure for your products and listings is an important step to having a customer make a final purchase. Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising service, Sponsored Products, is one of the most effective tools at your disposal. Sponsored Products may help you to:
  • Build awareness by having your ad appear in multiple places on Amazon.com
  • Increase discoverability by targeting ads for related searches
  • Adjust your advertising campaigns to best suit your business needs, instantly
More views mean greater product awareness. That’s good news for any business.