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Step 8

Accelerate sales

You can boost your sales on Amazon with high-quality product images, detailed descriptions, targeted promotions, and competitive pricing. Here are some more ideas.

You can simplify pricing with the Automate Pricing tool, which adjusts prices automatically based on rules for specific SKUs. For example, you can set a rule that within a certain price range you'll beat the Buy Box winning price by $0.25. You can also create rules for the lowest price and specify price adjustments by percentage. Learn more.

Lightning Deals are another great way to compete on price (and reduce inventory). A Lightning Deal is a promotional offer for a limited time, usually 4 to 6 hours, on the Amazon Deals page. Download the Lightning Deal guide.

What to consider

Automate Pricing:
  • Prices adjust shortly after the triggering event (such as the lowest price or Buy Box winning price).

  • Adjustments stay within a minimum/maximum range.

  • After creating a rule, you can apply it to one or multiple listings.

  • You can pick and choose which parts of your catalog get Automate Pricing.

  • You can edit, pause, resume, or delete a rule. When paused, a rule can take up to an hour to be reapplied, depending on the number of affected SKUs.
Lightning Deals:
  • Eligible products appear in the Recommendations section of the Lightning Deals Dashboard when they meet criteria for quality, variation, category, fulfillment method, and condition. Recommendations are refreshed every week.

  • You can monitor the status of your deal on the Lightning Deals Dashboard.

  • A fee is charged for each Lightning Deal that has successfully run. You can cancel a deal at any time.

How to get started

To create a pricing rule to automate price adjustments, follow these steps:
1. Sign in to Seller Central. In the Pricing menu, go to Pricing/Automate Pricing.

2. On the Automate Pricing page, click Get Started.

3. Create a new pricing rule.

4. Enter a short, easy-to-remember rule name such as “Match the Buy Box” or “Holiday low price rule.”

5. Choose the price you want to compare against. You can compare SKUs in your rule to the Buy Box price or the lowest price for an ASIN. Choose either the Buy Box price or lowest price from the menu.

6. Define the action that you want Automate Pricing to take. You can match, beat, or stay above the Buy Box price or lowest price. Choose from the menu to the right of the Buy Box price or lowest price menu.

7. Choose the amount that triggers the automatic price, either as a monetary amount or a percentage.

8. Below, create filters for your rule using the checkboxes. Filters let you identify the types of offers you want to compare. All Automate Pricing rules apply to offers on the same ASIN and condition.

9. Read the rule summary to confirm what your rule does.

10. Click Save and select SKUs, which saves your rule. Until you assign SKUs, Automate Pricing won't change any prices on your SKUs.
There are two ways to create and submit a Lightning Deal:
1. In the Lightning Deals Dashboard, go to the Create tab. Choose an item and click Edit or Advanced Edit to set the price, quantity, schedule, and product variations (if applicable).

2. On the dashboard page, click See all recommendations. Follow the prompts to create a deal.