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Step 7

Advertise your ASINs

Your products are listed and shipped to Amazon. It's time to focus on increasing sales and standing out from the competition by advertising with Amazon Sponsored Products.

Sponsored Products ads help customers find you. Your ASINs can be featured in multiple places on Amazon, such as detail pages, customer-review pages, and next to and below search results. Because your ASINs are more visible, you're more likely to reach customers who intend to buy.

How it works

1. Create relevant ads. Choose keywords for the ASINs you want to advertise. Or use Amazon's suggested keywords to make your ad closely target customer searches. In minutes, you'll be ready to launch your campaign.

2. Shoppers see your ad. Based on relevance and bid, ads are shown to customers with matching search terms. Ads appear in high-visibility spots like product detail pages and the first page of search results. When shoppers click on your ad, they'll land on your product detail page.

3. Measure success. Use Sponsored Products reports to see the impact of your ads on the metrics that matter most to your business. These insights will help you measure performance and optimize your ad spending.

What to consider

  • How competitive is your industry? In a crowded market, Sponsored Products ads can help more customers see your listings. Consider bidding higher on competitive keywords to increase the chances that your ad reaches customers.

  • Is your ASIN new? Customer attention is especially important for new ASINs. With Sponsored Products ads in multiple places on Amazon, your ASINs become easier to discover.

  • What's your ad budget? With the Sponsored Products Campaign Manager, you can instantly adjust your campaign budget and targeting based on ad performance. This lets you optimize your ad dollars.

  • Do you have multiple advertising objectives? Sponsored Products is especially useful for launching unique or seasonal merchandise. For instance, you can update keywords any time to reach customers when they're most likely to be searching for what you sell. You can also use Sponsored Products to liquidate merchandise and make room for more inventory.
  • How to get started

    1. Sign in to Seller Central and click on the Advertising tab.

    2. On the All Sponsored Products Campaigns page, choose the ASINs you want to advertise.

    3. Set your ad campaign budget and end date, or choose to run it continuously. We suggest running campaigns continuously so that they stay top of mind.

    4. Choose automatic or manual targeting:
    a. Automatic targeting: Amazon targets your ads to all relevant customer searches based on product information.
    b. Manual targeting: You choose keywords, which are matched to customer search terms to determine where your ads will appear.
    We suggest that you start with automatic targeting to see what customers are searching for in relation to your ASINs. You can download a report of the customer search terms that led to clicks on your ads.
    5. Decide how much you want to bid for clicks.

    6. Launch your first campaign. (It may take a few minutes before ads appear.)