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Step 6

Ship to Amazon

When creating a shipment of inventory for Amazon, you have two options for inventory placement.

1. Shipping to multiple fulfillment centers (default): With distributed inventory placement, Amazon might assign units of a product/ASIN to multiple fulfillment centers. This depends on the products you're shipping and where you're shipping from.

2. Shipping to one fulfillment center: You can also sign up for the Inventory Placement Service and send all your inventory to a single fulfillment center. When the shipment arrives there, it's split up and sent to multiple fulfillment centers.

What to consider

Distributed inventory placement is the default Fulfillment by Amazon option because it's often faster for customers. When products are spread nationwide, they're more likely to be near the customer than if placed in one fulfillment center.

Here are some things to consider if you use the Inventory Placement Service:
  • Shipping to one fulfillment center is easier.

  • There's a per-item service fee when you ship with the Inventory Placement Service. Fees are based on weight and product size.

  • Amazon will assign all units of a specific product or ASIN for that shipment to the same fulfillment center.

  • The fulfillment center might vary from shipment to shipment. For example, different unit types (such as standard-size and oversize) are sent to different fulfillment centers.

How to get started

If you prefer multiple fulfillment centers, no action is needed. To sign up for the Inventory Placement Service, follow these steps to change your inventory placement settings:
1. Under Settings (sign-in required), click Fulfillment by Amazon.

2. At Inbound Settings, click Edit.

3. Under Inventory Placement Option, click Inventory Placement Service.

4. Click Update.