Step 5

Create a shipping plan

Each FBA shipment involves 6 steps. For more information, watch how to create a shipping plan.

First, make a list of what you want to send and how many of each product. Next, follow guidelines for preparing products (such as liquids or fragile items) so that everything is delivered in the best condition. Proper labeling ensures that your shipment is tracked throughout the fulfillment process.

Next, review your shipment and see where to send it to. Then choose the shipping method and carrier, plan the number of boxes that you want to send, and schedule and pay for the shipment.

Track shipments and their receiving status on the Summary page.

See these pages for full details:

What to consider

  • If you're printing your own labels, use high-quality printing so that barcodes aren't smudged. For more information, watch this labeling video.

  • Don't print the pack list until you've reviewed and approved the shipment. Otherwise, the list might not reflect any changes that you've made, leading to errors.

How to get started

1. On the Manage Inventory page (sign-in required), choose each product that you want to ship. Then choose Send/replenish inventory from the Action on selected menu.

2. On the Send/replenish inventory page, choose one of the following:
  • Create a new shipping plan
  • Add to an existing shipping plan
3. Confirm the ship-from address where your shipment will be picked up.

4. Confirm the packing type of the products that you're shipping to Amazon.

5. Click Continue to shipping plan.