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Step 4

Decide what to ship

Once you've created product listings, decide what to ship to Amazon and how many units of each ASIN will be added to your inventory.

While you compete with other sellers, be sure to keep your catalog fresh and appealing to customers. Consider creating new ASINs that aren't available yet.

What to consider

  • Timing: What products do your customers want now—and in the weeks and months to come? Stock popular items at the right time to move inventory more quickly.

  • Competitive pricing: Stock your inventory with products that you can offer at a low price. Pricing changes day to day, so consider having items that other sellers currently price for less.

  • Category trends: What products are popular with consumers? Learn more about researching what to sell.
  • Your own expertise: You know how to find products that appeal to current customers, and new ones. Take advantage by creating new ASINs before your competition does.

  • Expanding your catalog: When you offer a wide variety of products, sales are more likely to increase and you can build customer loyalty. And these customers will return to see what's new.

  • Easy search: Can customers find your product easily? Are you listing it in a way that matches how your customers search?

How to get started

1. When creating a listing, add the new item as FBA inventory. You can add products one at a time or create multiple listings at once by uploading product listings in bulk.

2. To change an FBA listing:
  • On the Manage Inventory page (sign-in required), choose the items to change.

  • From the Action on selected menu, choose Change to Fulfilled by Amazon.

  • On the Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon page, click Convert Only to go to the Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory page. Or click Convert & Send Inventory to create a shipping plan.