Step 1

Decide what to sell

Be sure to keep your catalog fresh and in tune with what customers want. By understanding trends, you can bring products to market with confidence. As you compete to sell items currently on Amazon, consider adding new ASINs. Doing so lets you offer unique products that aren't available yet.

What to consider

  • Stay on trend: Start by following the latest industry blogs, magazines, or anything that monitors consumer trends in your category. Then track what’s most relevant to your audience by staying active on social media, reviewing popular search terms, and checking Amazon Best Sellers regularly.

  • Consult yourself: As an educated seller, you know how to discover products that appeal to current customers—and new ones. Create new ASINs to capture sales before other sellers seize the opportunity. Even better, new ASINs may be eligible for fee discounts.

  • Expand your catalog: With a broader product line, you can increase sales, build loyalty, and keep customers happy by giving them something new with each visit. Plus, for a limited time, we’ll reimburse you for up to 6 months of long-term storage fees on new ASINs in qualifying categories.

  • Use Amazon Business Reports: In Seller Central (sign-in required), Business Reports provides glance views, session counts, conversion ratios, and other key metrics. Sales and traffic data offer insights into popular products and styles. For example, Sales by category lets you track sales by your top 5, 10, or 20 product categories. You can see the number and percentage of units ordered and sold by category. Also check out Amazon Selling Coach in the Reports tab.