What is Amazon Custom?

Amazon Custom enables millions of shoppers to customize your products with their text & personal images.

Available customization options

Amazon Custom supports the three customization types shown below - text, image, and product configuration. If you are able to fulfill orders these customization types, apply today and start selling custom products with Amazon.

Text Customization

Text Personalization

Text customization allows the customer to add unique text to your products using color and font options you've specified within Seller Central. Examples may include embroidery, engraving, printing and more. 

Image Customization

Image Customization

Image customization allows the customer to upload their own image or logo to customize your products. You may also allow them to choose from a predetermined set images or designs you've specified within Seller Central.

Product Configuration

Image Customization

Using Product Configuration, you can enable the creation of make-on-demand items, allowing customers to choose from unique drop down options you've specified within Seller Central for each product.

Interested in joining?

Not yet a Seller with Amazon? Click here.

How Amazon Custom Works


Apply to join

Apply to join using the link above or by clicking here. You will then be sent to our online application within Seller Central.


Enable your listings

Once your account is approved for Amazon Custom, you'll be given access to enable your product listings for customization.


Set up your experience

Using our listing tool within Seller Central, start configuring your customization experiences either one-by-one or in bulk.


Start selling

With your custom products now live, reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I apply will I be notified of approval?

Approvals are typically sent within 1 hour via email with links to help get you started. If you are not accepted, you will be notified upon submitting the application.


I am not a Professional Seller, can I still join Amazon Custom?

It is required that you are a Professional Seller in order to sell using Amazon Custom. To learn more about becoming a Professional Seller, click here


Can I use FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to fulfill my custom orders?

Due to the customization aspect of these products, all orders must be fulfilled by you, the Seller. FBA is currently unavailable for customized products. 


Do you support bulk feed uploads?

Yes, Amazon Custom provides an Excel template to help you configure your products for text customization in bulk. Products using image customization or product configuration will need to be set up one-by-one.


Can I list in any category?

You may list custom products in any category in which you are authorized to sell. However, custom products are currently unavailable in the wine and media categories. 


How will shoppers discover my custom products?

Custom products are treated like any other listings at Amazon, so discovery is no different. There is currently a dedicated storefront for custom products but if you are looking to increase exposure to your products, consider taking advantage of Sponsored Products.