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Increase your business capabilities. Get on board with Amazon.

If taking your business to the next level includes selling online, or improving your internet-based business, getting to know Amazon Services could make all the difference in your success. Imagine having Amazon, with its world-class technologies, as an ally in meeting your business goals. Think how much simpler things could be if you could leverage the power of Amazon tools and services for your business.

It can take years to establish secure online transaction tools, develop a system to process orders promptly, and provide world-class customer service. Amazon has been doing all that—and more—for years. Take advantage of our eCommerce expertise by using Selling on Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon, Advertise on Amazon, and Amazon Pay to help make your business better, fast.



1 Reach Customers

Amazon Services offers solutions that give you access to tens of millions of Amazon customers. You can sell your products directly on Amazon, or reach Amazon customers through our site display advertisements.

Sell on the Amazon Marketplace

By joining Amazon Marketplace, you give customers a familiar, trustworthy shopping experience even as you avoid the time and costs of developing a standalone website. Use the Amazon Marketplace solution to help make your business what you dream it could be. Learn more >

Sell your Services on Amazon

Millions of people shop on Amazon.com, and many of them need services right in your neighborhood. With Selling Services on Amazon, get actual orders and easy-to-use tools, so you can focus on what you do best—delighting customers.

Sell on Amazon Business

Businesses are purchasing on Amazon today for industrial, laboratory, education, and office products, among dozens of other categories. Amazon Business brings sellers direct access to those buyers. Create offers specifically intended for registered businesses, provide quantity discounts, register your professional credentials, and more. Everything you love about Amazon. For business. Learn more >

Advertise on Amazon

Advertising on Amazon is an easy way for you to promote your listings. Ads appear right where customers will see them, such as the first page of search results or product detail pages. You place bids on relevant keywords, and if your bid wins and your ad matches the search, your ad gets displayed to shoppers. These targeted ads can bring your products to a new audience and help you maximize your sales. Learn more >


2 List Your Products

List your products on the Amazon Marketplace
When you list and sell your products on Amazon, you can quickly take advantage of the same robust and reliable Amazon site infrastructure, including the many seller features and functionality we have worked hard to build. No matter how many products you list, you're eligible to use Amazon's world-class seller technologies. Learn more >


3 Accept Payments

Offer Amazon Pay on your website
Allow hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to pay on your site—quickly, easily and securely—which can lead to increased sales and more conversions. Providing a trusted and convenient solution can increase buyer confidence and encourage new customers to buy on your site the first time, and return to buy again. Learn more >


4 Fulfill Orders

Save time and offer fast, free shipping with Fulfillment by Amazon
You sell it, we ship it. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) gives your business access to Amazon's world-class fulfillment resources and expertise, and when you use FBA to fulfill orders placed on Amazon, your customers benefit from Amazon's acclaimed customer service and your products can qualify for Prime and FREE Shipping on eligible orders. With FBA, you send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center, and we store your products, pack and ship them when they sell, and more. The bottom line is better sales, happier customers and more time to focus on growing your business. Learn more >


5 Customer Service

Wow customers with amazing Amazon customer service
When customers place an order on Amazon for your products that are fulfilled by Amazon, they'll receive the same customer-obsessed, award-winning service we're known for worldwide. We'll take care of customer questions about packing, delivery, and returns for you. Learn more >