Make Amazon customers your customers with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Give Your Customers a Smart Way to Pay

Go beyond just processing payments – it’s about acquiring new customers, growing relationships and building your business. Join thousands of merchants and start building a strong, loyal customer base with Amazon Pay. Get Started ›

If 100 percent of our orders went through Amazon Pay, we'd be happy.

Eddie Lichstein - Cofounder,


Build Customer Loyalty

Your customers will appreciate the simplicity of your checkout process.
Buyers become your customers and you can market to them directly.


Your Site. Your Brand. Your Data.

Customers never leave your site while completing their purchase.
No product or item level details are shared with Amazon. 



Buttons and widgets are optimised across devices
There is no extra set-up work required to facilitate mobile payments.


Support a wide range of eCommerce systems and shopping cart software solutions

Whether you are using shopping cart software or an all-in-1 hosted ecommerce system, our plugins are easy to setup.
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