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When you list your certification, it is displayed to Amazon Business customers on your Amazon Business Profile, Product Detail, and Offers Listing pages. Amazon Business customers can refine their product search by certification type, or establish preferences for your certification. See what certifications we recognize.

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The Office Tex

“The level of awareness is shifting now, and it's very prevalent for large businesses to search based on diversity. The fact that they can search for 'woman-owned' on Amazon Business is a huge benefit to us.”
Rita Bonarrigo, Founder, The Office Tex

Hear why this is important to one of our customers:

“King County cares deeply about supporting our community of small businesses here in Washington State. By using Amazon Business, our purchasers can easily discover and support small businesses, as well as determine how much we’re spending with those businesses and work to increase that spending with local suppliers.”
Chris Franco, Program Manager for the Department of Executive Services in King County
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