Connect with new customers right in your neighborhood with tailored promotions.

Amazon Local

Why Amazon Local



You want your message in front of as many people as possible.

  • Amazon has more than 200 million active customers. Every day we email customers in your area featuring a terrific offer from businesses like yours.
  • Your business will be marketed front and center with the Amazon brand--the most reputable brand in the U.S.(1)


You want to reach people who will become valued customers.

  • Amazon visitors spend 88% more money online every month than the average Internet user and over $22 billion in offline purchases every month.(2)
  • Amazon customers can use their account to shop on Amazon Local, so purchasing is simple and secure.


You don't pay to run a promotion, and you can measure its success right away.

  • Unlike traditional marketing, you don't pay to run a promotion with Amazon Local. You only pay a referral fee for the customers you acquire.
  • You'll know how many people are purchasing your offer on the very day it's featured. And when new customers arrive with their vouchers, you'll know how they discovered you.

(1)Source: Harris Poll QR Study 2013.

(2)Source: comScore MediaMetrix, May 2012 / Nielsen, HomeScan Online, Q4 2011.