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After you register for Product Ads, download this guide and discover the essentials of uploading ads and setting budgets and bids.

Create A Product Ads Feed

There are four easy ways to upload your products to Amazon Product Ads. Use an existing Google Base file, sync your Yahoo store, or try one of the custom Product Ads methods.
Product Ads Feed Template is an Excel template where, working on your desktop, you may enter all product data before uploading in Seller Central.
Product Ads Feedbuilder is a simple interactive web tool that serves as both feed creator and built-in help assistant, guiding you through the process of creating your feed file. Friendly drop-down menus and help buttons enable you to format your data properly and eliminate errors.
Product Ads Feedbuilder
< 100 products
Do not have Excel
Enter items one by one
Product Ads Template (Excel)
> 100 products
Comfortable with Excel

Recorded Webinars

Amazon Product Ads 101: Account Basics and Reporting


Please view this webinar to learn more about your Amazon Product Ads account. Two members of the Product Ads team will review valuable information about Product Ads account basics and reporting. The webinar presentation will cover the following topics:

1.  Navigating your Product Ads Seller Central Account
2.  Feed processing reports and how to fix common errors
3.  How to set up and review performance reporting

View this webinar.
Getting Started on Amazon Product Ads.
Amazon Product Ads is a pay per click advertising program that puts your products in front of millions of shoppers. As an advertiser, you simply upload your product catalog, set your daily budget, and your ads are live!

Amazon displays your ads in highly targeted placements on When a shopper finds your product, they click through to your website to make a purchase. Product Ads is a way to drive shopper traffic from to your e-commerce website.

Attendees will learn the process to create your ads in Seller Central in these 4 easy steps:

      1. Uploading your products to Seller Central,
      2. Setting your bids,
      3. Establishing a daily budget,
      4. Common errors to avoid.