Whether you are new to international business or a seasoned exporter, Amazon provides the tools and support you need to grow internationally while taking much of the complexity, cost, and effort out of selling internationally.

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International selling solutions

Tools to help manage your international business, sales and logistics.

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Two ways to sell internationally

Sell on Amazon’s global marketplaces, or sell to international customers via exports.

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Access tens of millions of customers with 1 account for 5 EU marketplaces.

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How it works

Step 1: Learn how to sell globally with Amazon

Where you can sell with Amazon
Crafting a marketplace entry strategy
Fulfillment options

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Step 2: Explore taxes and regulations

Tax considerations by region
Regulatory considerations by region
International trade laws

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Step 3: Set up your account and launch

Setting up your Amazon account
Registration requirements by marketplace
Listing creation

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Step 4: Choose a fulfillment strategy

Fulfilling on your own
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
Importing and exporting inventory

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Step 5: Provide customer support

Customer support
Customer returns

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