FBA can help you build your online business

FBA can help you build your online business

Thank you for choosing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). When you put FBA to work for your business, you will plug your business into Amazon's advanced fulfillment network and offer the experience that Amazon's customers have come to expect including world class customer service and fast, free shipping. With FBA, growth is something to plan for.

Here's how to make your first shipment

Step 1: Make sure your products are right for FBA

Before listing products with Fulfillment by Amazon, it's important to know what can and cannot be fulfilled through FBA.

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Step 2: Choose to have FBA fulfill your orders

Once your inventory is listed with Amazon.com, you can convert it to be Fulfilled by Amazon.

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Step 3: Select the correct labeling option

You can either use the existing barcodes or uniquely label your inventory. If you choose to label your inventory, FBA offers a service for a fee that can label the products for you. Your products may be eligible to send to Amazon without a label, as well.

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Step 4: Create your first shipment

Once you have labeled your products, you can create your first shipment. The shipping workflow will walk you through the process providing instructions and tips to help make your shipment go smoothly.

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