Flexible Payments Service

The freedom to integrate payments
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Amazon Flexible Payments Service is designed by developers for developers. Built on Amazon's reliable and scalable payments infrastructure, it provides a robust API toolkit from Amazon Web Services that lets you integrate payments how and where you want to meet diverse payment needs.

  • Marketplace payments: Enables multi-party payment needs of marketplaces Learn More
  • Recurring payments: Enable customers to schedule recurring payments Learn More
  • Deferred payments: Gives you the control to charge the customer when you want
  • Multi-use payments: Charge the customer multiple times based on one checkout
  • One-time payments: Supports simple one-time payment use cases

You can accept payments on your website for selling physical or digital goods and services, executing recurring payments, and setting up marketplace payments. After a customer selects their payment method, you receive an authorization token. You can use this authorization token to initiate one-time payments or to accept recurring payments by calling the Amazon Flexible Payment Service API. You'll be notified once the payment is processed. No matter how you integrate the experience for your customers is simple and convenient.

Getting Started

To get started for free, sign up for an Amazon Payments business account. You will need your legal business name, contact information, a U.S. credit card, and a U.S. address.

Amazon Flexible Payments Service APIs are categorized by use case into packages called Quick Starts, which help you understand how you should design your integration. Review the available Quick Starts below and select the option that best meets your needs:

Basic Quick Start: Accept one-time payments on your website for selling physical goods, digital content and services.

Advanced Quick Start: Set up multiple or recurring payments between a buyer and a seller for eCommerce, digital content, donations or services.

Marketplace Quick Start: Facilitate transactions between a buyer and a third-party seller, receive a portion of the transaction for providing the service, and have control over who pays the transaction.

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